Bullseye Testing Technology



Multiple Report Options

Our Coverage Browser application provides full interactive access to your coverage information. For automated testing systems, you can generate HTML reports for easy access to anyone within your group. Use console mode reports when running a GUI application is not possible, such as with a remote terminal.


Function level and condition/decision coverage

The function coverage metric gives you a quick overview of testing completeness and indicates areas with no coverage at all. Use this metric to broadly raise coverage across all areas of your project.

Condition/decision coverage provides detail at the control structure level. Use this metric to attain high coverage in specific areas, for example during unit testing. C/D coverage provides better detail than statement coverage or branch coverage, and provides much better productivity than more complex coverage metrics.

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Source code instrumentation

Performing coverage measurement at the source code level rather than the object code level allows adapting to a wide range of CPU architectures and environments. BullseyeCoverage works with anything you can write in C++ and C.

Source code instrumentation provides the opportunity for advanced coverage measurement of control structures such as the switch and try-catch statements.

With Microsoft C++, our smart preprocessor minimizes performance impact while mimicking Microsoft C++ idiosyncracies. BullseyeCoverage recognizes macro invocations and adjusts the measurement to reflect what really needs testing.


Exclude code

You can easily exclude any uninteresting code in your project, such as subsystems, libraries or even individual functions.


Export data

Export your coverage information to other applications, or to adapt it for your own particular use. Output is available in XML and CSV format.


Merge results

Combine results attained from testing on multiple computers.

Automatic Saving

The BullseyeCoverage run-time support code automatically saves coverage data once per second. There is no need to make a trade-off decision between timeliness and performance.


We go to great lengths to minimize performance impact, both at run-time and build-time. Find below some estimates on the impact to your project. Your mileage may vary.


Qualification Available

A tool qualification kit for BullseyeCoverage is available for purchase from Genuen. This kit is useful to those developing products for regulated industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and defense. Contact Genuen for details.